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Food in Sambalpur

Sambalpur, in the Western part of Odisha, is greatly known across the globe and country for Sambalpuri Sarees. A dynamic culture, combined with rich industrialization has also put Sambalpur on the map of India.

Famous Food items of Sambalpur,

It is the second largest city of Odisha, and offers popular Odiya cuisines as part of its rich and dynamic culture. Odiya food would be quite different from the normal cuisines in the way it is cooked and tastes. One would find a faint aroma of Panch Phutana, a mixture of fenugreek, cumin, mustard, and some garam masala, present in every dish that is served from this city. On a visit to this beautiful town of Odisha, an individual must definitely try the Odiya cuisines colored with Panch Phutana making it delicious.

Popular Odiya Cuisines in Sambalpur

There are some mouth watering Odiya dishes that one would find in any famous restaurant or hotel joint in Sambalpur. One cannot miss out on trying these dishes when in Sambalpur, as you will get the authentic Sambalpuri flavor and taste in the food.

Pakhala Bhat

This is a pretty famous Odiya dish that most people would be aware of. It is served along the east with different names associate with it. This means cooked rice that is washed or fermented in water. The liquid that remains is called Torani. The traditional variety of Pakhala Bhat is prepared using rice, cucumber, cumin seeds, in case of Sambalpur you would find Panch Phutana, fried onions, mint leaves and curd. Generally this dish is served with roasted vegetables which include Brinjal, Potato, and Saga.

Bhaja or fried fish.

There are different kinds of Pakhala Bhat prepared as part of Odiya cuisine. Jeera Pakhala, Dahi Pakhala and Garama Pakhala are famous among them. It is believed in this region that Pakhala Bhat helps prevent heat stroke. Basi Bhat is another variant of Pakhala Bhat, in which cooked rice is soaked overnight, and cooked in the morning and served with Alu Bhaja.

Alu Baingan Jhol

This is a pretty famous Odiya dish. A brilliant combination of Potatoes and Brinjal which is generally served with boiled rice, or in some cases with Pakhala Bhat. In this region, the traditional masalas that are added to this vegetable mix will add brilliance to the taste and aroma. One can see that earthen cookware is generally used to cook this dish in Odiya, which is why you would find a molten taste that is rich and fantastic. One may have tried alu baingan jhol across east and otherwise, but the Sambalpuri version is definitely worth a try.

Panasa Tarkari

A traditional Odiya kitchen is incomplete without this dish. One would find the essence marking this dish in every corner of Odisha. This dish is pretty famous especially on the menu of Sambalpur. Made from unripe Jackfruit, this curry is one of the several famous vegetables served in this part of the country. Unripe jackfruit is mixed with onions and potato to prepare a curry which is famously known as Panasa Tarkari. This dish is served hot, usually accompanied by Pakhala Bhat or boiled rice. In some cases one can consume this dish with rotis. The taste of this dish is amazing, and one must definitely try it when they visit Sambalpur.

Aamisa Jhol

This dish is specially designed for the lovers of non veg. Chicken cooked with amazing quantity of spices gives way to Kukra Jhol. This is designed in a fashion similar to Macher Jhol, which is another famous dish in the eastern mart of India. It is a dish with brown gravy. One eats with rice or rotis, as per their taste buds, in this part of Odisha. In Sambalpur, one would see a hint of Sambalpuri flavors like Panch Phutana building taste in these famous Odiya dishes, thus making them signature flavors for Sambalpur.

Jhuri Bhaja

Non Veg lovers should not shy away from having this signature Odiya fish curry. Jhuri Bhaja is a typical Odiya style fish curry which tastes amazing. One would see that the tails of the fish is cut before preparing this food variant. This food is supposed to be good for the gall bladder and intestines as well as the taste buds. Generally this curry is served hot with rice. One can try having this dish with rotis too. The whole idea is to avoid missing out on this food style when in Sambalpur.

Restaurants in Sambalpur

Sambalpur hosts quite a few restaurants that are known for the interesting cuisine and amazing taste that they serve on board. If one is looking at having multi cuisine flavors, including the native flavors, one can try out restaurants like Brooks Hill, Celebration Restaurant, and Bagicha Restaurant. In case one wishes to have snacks, or fast food, then one must definitely go to Kathi restaurant or Sahoo fun and food outlet. These are pretty famous outlets in Sambalpur, and your search for amazing flavors of local food ends at these joints.

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