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Healthcare in Sambalpur

Sambalpur, the economic and commercial capital of Odisha, enjoys the status of being a municipality. It is this status that has come with a responsibility, that of maintaining health and well being of its residents. The Odisha government has equipped Sambalpur with hospitals as well as good health care plans that the residents can benefit from. Health care in Sambalpur is more than just hospitals; there are plans and facilities being provided to the people living here.

Health care Services in Samblapur

Hospitals in Sambalpur

The first step towards healthcare in any state or city is to have enough health related infrastructure made available for the people residing in that town. Hospitals happen to be the first step towards building that infrastructure. Sambalpur is known to have its health infrastructure in place. For details on hospitals on Sambalpur, click here

Sanjivini Hospital

Sanjivini, one of the biggest names in healthcare industry, has its hospital in Sambalpur. This hospital is pretty big, and well facilitated. It provides health services related to pregnancy and other gynaecological needs, orthopedic needs, urology, as well as general health needs apart from the chronic health care needs. The facility is open to public 24x7 making it accessible whenever ill health becomes unmanageable. Sanjivini has more than 50 beds reserved for admission of the patients of Sambalpur. These wards are categorized as male, female, economy, general and other categories.
Sanjivini Hospital
Farm Road, Modi Pada
VSS Marg, Modipada
Sambalpur, OD 768002
Phone: 0663 240 4022

Apart from Sanjivini, there are several other hospitals that are reputed and give healthcare the due importance. Aruna Shakti Nursing homes, Janani Maternity Home, JMJ hospital, Seva Nursing Home are some of the major names in the world of private hospitals in Sambalpur. Naga Mata Clinic in Sambalpur is a famous health care facility for the people of Sambalpur. The list of private and general hospitals is quite long defining the complete health related needs of the people of Sambalpur.

District Headquarters Hospital Sambalpur

District Headquarters Hospital (DHH) Sambalpur is the district hospital in here while Kuchinda SDH and Rairakhol SDH are the sub-divisional hospitals of Sambalpur. Both these facilities cover all the health related needs and also incorporate the various government based programs. Apart from general and district hospitals, Sambalpur also houses specialty hospitals like Hatibari Leprosy Home.

Health Programs in Sambalpur

Since the year 2005, the national rural health mission has been operational in Sambalpur. The whole idea of this health care mission is to prioritize health as the number one factor for any person. For this purpose, the mission enables accessible and affordable effective health care services to the people of Sambalpur existent in both the rural and urban areas of the town. This program includes reproductive and child health (RCH) related programs, AYUSH(Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy) system to inculcate health care positively into the system. As part of development of rural and urban health, a lot of services have been parceled with the rural health mission. Janani Express and Institutional deliveries form a major part of this. There are a total of nine blocks as part of the health care institution in Sambalpur. Each block has a janani express which is exclusively being used to get pregnant mothers for delivery or sick new borns for care in the health care center.

Apart from this, mobile health care units have begun as part of the health care mission. This is specially for those areas which lie in the interiors of Sambalpur and cannot possibly receive proper health care on time. These mobile units reach out to them and manage their health and facilitate them with all the necessary services including doctor. For community level health and sanitation understanding and services, Gaon Kalyan Samiti was started. This is just to ensure that quality health related services are provided. Participation of community becomes important to ensure that quality and demand are satisfied in every corner of Sambalpur.

National Disease Programs in Sambalpur

Apart from the rural missions, national disease programs have also been launched in Sambalpur. In the year 1964 National Tuberculosis Control Program was launched in order to detect, cure and prevent tuberculosis. Initially the success for NTP was low and so the program was relaunched as DOTs which essentially means Directly Observed Treatment short Course Chemotherapy. This program has been quite successful since the relaunch.

Other similar national disease programs include national leprosy eradication program, which has been operational in Sambalpur since 2006 and integrated disease survilance program which includes surveillance of vector borne, water borne, respiratory diseases etc. The whole idea is to vaccinate the people to prevent the diseases from occurring. The IDSP (integrated disease surveillance program) has been operational in this area since the year 2006-07.

Apart from all these services, Sambalpur health care is equipped with blood banks, ambulances as well as other health care centers for the well being of the people. It is always good health first for the people of Sambalpur.

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