Entertainment in Sambalpur

Sambalpur is the economic and education hub for Orisaa. This is probably why it is considered as the commercial capital of the state. Entertainment keeps the culture of this city alive. This city might not expose entertainment as one is used to, but the raw entertainment that is available attracts tourists from all walks of India and the globe.

Entertainment in Sambalpur

Entertainment modes available in Sambalpur include water parks, zoos, wildlife sanctuaries, wildlife parks, and theatres. Apart from this, distinguished cultural spots also play the role of entertainment in this city.

Movie Theatres in Sambalpur

It’s a great feeling to be able to watch a movie in the cinema theatre. The movie industry of Odisha is quite popular and movies are quite a fanfare based affair in this town. A single screen theatre is set in the bazaar area of Sambalpur. This is where most of Sambalpur gets to enjoy the newly screened movie.

Ashoka Talkies
VSS Marg, Sambalpur GPO
Sambalpur- 768001
Landmark: Near Hotel Sheela Towers
0663-2520591, 9437299591

Parks in Sambalpur

Deer Park Oasis: This wildlife conservation centre known as deer park is spread over about 13.16 acres of land. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in this land. It houses about 288 species animals and close to 20 species of birds. The whole deer park is located along a hilly terrain which adds to the overall beauty of this place and makes it appear more attractive. The average number of per day visitors to this deer park is about 300 which goes up to 1000 on holidays and Sundays. The deer park is located near Sakhipada in Sambalpur.

Sen Park: Sen park is one of the oldest parks in Sambalpur. Recently some people worked on preserving the beauty of this park. Music has been added to enhance the nature of this park and also to attract more tourists to this land. Light posts and other facilities have been restored in the park to make it appear more attractive to the people of Sambalpur. Visits have increased after efforts were made on the whole appeal of this park.
Sen Park
Lane Gole Bazaar,
Nayapara, Sambalpur

Other Tourist Attractions in Sambalpur

Sambalpur is known to be a tourist destination. A lot of tourists come over to this city during the months from September to March, when the climatic condition is suitable and temperate in this area. There are some classic tourist destinations that add to the entertainment segment of Sambalpur.

Cattle Island: This is the extreme point in the Hirakud reservoir. It is a natural wonder that is located near Kumarbandh village in Sambalpur. It is surrounded by hilly terrains, and the cattle are settled at the hilltop. A visit to this island would take you to a world of tamed cattle. One can take a boat trip to this Hirakud Reservoir along the hilly terrains at Cattle Island.

Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary: A call for tourists is made at this excellent wild life sanctuary. Apart from wild animals, one can say this sanctuary is the perfect water source for the animals, birds and fauna present in this sanctuary. This place is wonderful when it comes to sighting migratory birds. One can site migratory birds like red crested pochard, great crested grebe etc. For details on Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary, click here

Chiplima: Chiplima hydro electric project is located at a distance of about 37 km from Sambalpur. The place attracts tourists at all seasons. The reason for attraction is the natural falls in this region. The approximate height of these falls 24.38 mts, and these falls are used to generate electricity.
There is no nightlife in the culture of Sambalpur as such. So, one can’t find any night clubs in this region. Restaurants, movies theatres and these tourist destinations make up for entertainment modes in this city.
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