Shopping in Sambalpur

Sambalpur is the second highly populated city of Odisha, but in terms of area it is definitely a small city.  Yet, it offers a lot of scope for shopping. There is a brilliant diversity of shopping goods as well as shopping areas and markets in Sambalpur. Sambalpuri textile comes first in the shopping list. One cannot leave the town without atleast having a look at Sambalpuri sarees.

Lifestyle and Shopping at Sambalpur

Gole Bazaar in Sambalpur

You can also shop from the popular Gole Bazaar. If you are looking for apparels or jewellery, Gole Bazaar is your best bet. Of course you cannot move out without making a single purchase from this market,which is also known for Diamonds!

Handlooms in Sambalpur

Apart from the cloth and sarees of Sambalpur, you can also get finest of artifacts that are worth keeping in the collection. Bed linens are souvenirs are sold here most. Fine fabrics, exquisite motifs, and dyed products are popular souvenirs of this region. Popular shopping hubs in this city include Sambalpur Handloom cooperative showrooms.

The popular handlooms in Sambalpur are:

Sakshi Handloom
Address: Main Road, Budharaja
Budharaja Rd, Sakhipara
Sambalpur, Odisha 768004
Phone: 094 37 059384

Radhika Handloom

Address: Dhutrapara Chowk
G M College Road, Sambalpur-768001
Phone: + 91 - 663 - 2520880

Sambaleswari Bastralaya
Address: G T Road,Near Uco Bank
Phone: + 91 - 663 - 2400260

Pujari Popular Store
Address: Gaiety Road
Phone: + 91 - 663 - 2404612

Shopping Malls in Sambalpur

There are quite a few shopping malls in this place where people frequent for shopping and leisuring. The City Center Mall is one of the most famous shopping destinations of this area. Other shopping complexes which offer some brilliant shopping items include Balia complex, and City complex, Kadambari complex and Satyam Batra complex are also famous shopping destinations.

A few famous shopping destinations in Sambalpur:

City Center Mall
Address: Farm Road, Modipada
Sambalpur - Odisha 768001

Kadambari Complex
Address: Pension Para
Sambalpur, Odisha 768001

Balia Complex
Address: GM College Road (SH-10)
Gujurati Colony, Sakhipara
Sambalpur, Odisha

City Complex

Super Markets in Sambalpur

Big Bazaar
City Centre, Near Sanjeevani Hospital,
Farm road, Mudipara,
Sambalpur: 768002
0663 2520358

Big Shop
Near Varun Plaza, Ainthapali Road,
Budharaja, Sambalpur: 768004
Phone: 0663 2540668

Shops and Stores in Sambalpur

There are many specialized shops and stores in Sambalpur from where you can have great buys. Presenting lists of various shops in Sambalpur:

List of Jewellery Shops in Sambalpur

Sonika Jewellers
Baidyanath Chowk, Marwaripara,
Nr. Maternity Hospital, Sambalpur: 768001
Phone: 0663 2404597

Taj Emporium
Samal Complex, Budharaja,
Sambalpur: 768001
Phone: 0663 2520579

Alankar Jewellers
Jewellers Lane, Dhanupali,
Sambalpur: 768001
Phone: 0663 2546415

Mangalam Jewellers
Baidyanath Chowk,
Sambalpur: 768001
Phone: 0663-2522041

Mundra Jewellers
Baidyanath Chowk, Marawaripara,
Sambalpur: 768001
Phone: 9861113857

Jalaram Jewellers
Main Road, Budharaja,
Sambalpur: 768004
Phone: 0663-2400251

Aparna Nakshatra Universe
Poddar Towers, Opp. IT Office, Main Road,
Jharsugra, Sambalpur: 768006
Phone: 0663- 2521011

Shalimar Jewellery
Baidnath Chowk, Gole Bazaar,
Sambalpur: 768001
Phone: 0663-2404087

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List of Apparel Shops in Sambalpur

Orissa Textiles
Nayapara Gole Bazaar, Nr Main Bus Stand,
Sambalpur: 768001
Phone: 9437220539

Shri Shyam
Gole Bazaar, Sambalpur
Orissa Sarees
Frontline Telecom, Fatak, Budharaja,
Sambalpur: 768004
Phone: 0663-2522425

Omm Sai Garments
Hospital Road, Mudipara,
Sambalpur: 768002
Phone: 8658609508

Sri Radhe Garments
Golebazaar, Gaeity Road,
Sambalpur: 768001
Phone: 9861937636

Om Shiv Garments
Ganesh Nagar, Rengali,
Main Road,
Sambalpur: 768212
Phone: 9861571446

Rishikesh Garments
Rengali Bus Stand, Rengali,
Sambalpur: 768212
Phone: 9178470627

Shoe Stores in Sambalpur

Bharat Shoe House
Chitra Gupta Chowk, Gaiety Road,
Sambalpur: 767001
Phone: 9040204049

Shree Foot Wear
V.S.S. Marg, Gaiety Road,
Sambalpur: 768001
Phone: 9438043565

Kavita Shoe Emporium
Gole Bazaar, Bus Stand Road,
Sambalpur: 768001
Phone: 993905423

Nutan Shoe Emporium
Gole Bazaar, Main Road,
Sambalpur: 768001
Phone: 9337373392

Shoe Palace
V.V.S. Marg,
Sambalpur: 768001
Phone: 9437401679

Saptadarshi Shoe Club
Gole Bazaar, Mira Road,
Sambalpur: 768001
Phone: 9437201609

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List of Furniture Stores in Sambalpur

Furniture World
Budharaja High School, Ainthapali Road,
Sambalpur: 768004
Phone: 0663 241014

Style Spa
Gole Bazaar, Gaeity Road,
Sambalpur: 768001
Phone: 0663 2532121, 9337004051

Furniture Center
V.S.S. Marg,
Sambalpur: 768001
Phone: 0663 2522568, 9861095408

Balaji Steel Furniture
Budharaja, Fatak,
Sambalpur: 768004
Phone: 0663 2532159, 9437051259
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